Since 2006, the Atlanta Graduates have been singing popular a cappella music all across the southeast.

About us

The Graduates are a semi-professional, co-ed a cappella group based in Atlanta, GA. The group, originally founded by Wake Forest grads, has been seducing the southeast for 12 years with their vocal take on pop music. Their first album, Adult Education, was released in 2016 and can be found on iTunes and Spotify. The Graduates tour Atlanta performing at a variety of events throughout the year, and perform specifically for fans at their annual fall concert.

Our Founding Story

One day, back in Philadelphia, four gentlemen wanted to sing. They came up to a well-known record producer, and he inquired as to the name of the group. In unison, they answered, and the record producer said, "Alright fellas, well let me see what you can do," at which point one of them said, "Yo Mike, check this out – see if this one moves you."

The Graduates were created along the same lines, except that the four gentlemen were two guys and two girls; the group originated in Atlanta; and there was no record producer. But when Boyz II Men dare to go without their backing instruments... exactly the same, guys. Exactly. The. Same.

Margot Adler, Retta Sola, Joe Martinez, and Brooks Smith, all former members of Wake Forest University's Innuendo, founded The Graduates in 2006 because they missed a cappella singing and  the camaraderie of their college group – not necessarily in that order. While camaraderie may or may not be code for "hijinks, drama, and alcohol consumption" (again, not necessarily in that order), one thing is certain -- over the years, through multiple music directors, a rotating and ever-expanding cast of group members, an album release, gigs all over Atlanta, and far, far too many bottles of wine, The Graduates have stayed true to their founders' vision of delivering stellar all-vocal performances while never taking themselves too seriously. Check us out, Michael Bivins.